Need vining plant ideas for 2008!!

lary1047(z5 MI)October 7, 2007

Good morning everyone!!!

I wanted to ask for some suggestions for 2008 on vining plants that will used as an annual and give good color. We have a trellis on our deck that is 4 foot by 4 foot. The last 2 summers we have used Black Eyed Susan vine and that did OK. This year we added the cyprus vine and that was just OK and the Hummers did enjoy that. The container is a cement pot, about 20 inches in diameter and 14 inches deep and gets sun about 11AM till about 4PM. We have another trellis system that is 6 feet across and about 9 feet high. We have planted honeysuckle as the perennial and added Blue Morning Glory in as the annual until the Honeysuckle takes over in a few years. The Morning Glory did well and is still blooming this Morning 10/07/07. We did not use Trumpet vine to heavy of a vine.

So looking for some ideas, is the Red Morning Glory hard to start from seed and would moon flowers be a good one for flowering in the afternoon and evening? We have enjoyed the Morning Glory however by 10 AM the flowers are gone each day. If the vines attracted the Hummers thatÂs fine if not that would be OK also. We have plenty of Red and Black and Blue Salvia and the feeders to keep them busy. We would like some color for the deck Zone 5 here in SE Michigan.

Thanks to everyone for the info.


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Maybe some of the clematis varieties would be good for daytime color and the vines aren't heavy though they are perennial. There's some MG's that have good color and remain open for most of the day. Sunrise Serenade is one. Moonflower vines are beautiful and have a great fragrance but you have a very short growing season and they take a long time to bloom from seed though you could start them inside over the winter.

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The Morning Glories that Hummingbirds like are usually small flowered like Ipomoea coccinea,Ipomoea cristulata,Ipomoea hederifolia,Ipomoea lobata and Ipomoea sloteri although the upright Ipomoea that are the most nectariferous e.g., Ipomoea carnea and Ipomoea leptophylla are also attractive to hummingbirds...



Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea carnea in the PlantFiles...

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I would suggest some vines with lacy folage also such as cypress vine, Love in a puff, Cardinal flower, maybe even a hyancinth bean or scarlett runner beans. Being annual they will all provide you with alot of color.

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