newbie need worms now!!!

maryjane43(5westernNY)November 14, 2008

My new bin is all set to go, I went to the local bait shop for worms - all the shops around here are closed for the season!!!

I had to ditch my credit cards so I can't order any online - are there any alternatives?

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Pet Smart sells red wigglers in the fish section of the store. You have to ask the clerk they keep the worms in a fridge in the back.
I recently got about 3 cups of worms for 25 dollars. You do have to check the worms when buying them. To make sure they are a good bunch of worms in the containers and the are fresh.

The first time i checked on worms at our local store they were selling worms in tiny little tubs with only a dozen worms for $3.50 a tub. I told them no not such a little bit at such a high price.

The next time i checked they had bigger tubs with around a quarter to a third cup of worms for 4 dollars.

They told me i could order larger amounts. So if your local store has the tiny little tubs you can arrange a one time big order.

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maryjane43; Where are you located? send responce to and we will see what can be done to help you.

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maryjane43! Were you able to get some worms?

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