Overwintering Black Eyed Susan Vines

ruthzOctober 28, 2010

I'm growing 4 kinds of Black Eyed Susan vines.

Terracotta Skies just started blooming and I love it.

A white one that has bloomed all summer, but no seeds.

Super Orange and Blushing Susie hasn't bloomed yet.

Germination wasn't good on Super Orange so I had to keep replanting and it got a much later start.

Blushing Susie will probably bloom before frost, but it doesn't look like I'll get seeds from any of these.

Will they overwinter okay?

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I've decided to just cut it back when it's time and bring it inside.

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ruthz, I can't answer your question but, I would like to grow black eyed susan vines. I know that they are annuals in my zone. Do you start them from seed and if so where do you get the seed? I have a pergola that we just finished and would like to grow the vines on it in the spring.

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I did start them from seeds.
The white came from a GW trader.
I ordered the other 3 from Summerhill seeds.
I'm sure they are annuals here also.
I just hope they overwinter okay in my makeshift greenhouse.

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I get seeds from many of the Thunbergia alata varieties like Blushing Suzy, Spanish Eyes and African Sunset so I don't bother wintering them over but my Raspberry Sorbet has never produced seeds so I do what you did. I cut it back and keep it in a cool greenhouse. It's kept at about 45 and doesn't put on any growth to speak of but grows just fine when it warms up. I do have a problem with mealy bugs so keep an eye on it even if there's not much foliage over the winter.

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