Can I switch the two?

ms_minnamouse(7a)November 10, 2013

I'm vermiculturing as a source of food for my various tropical fish. So making it easier to harvest the worms, especially the babies, is of priority to me.

So that leaves me wondering, can I feed them by dropping food OVER the shredded newspaper instead of burying it UNDER the shredded newspaper? And then only keep a thin layer of NON shredded newspaper on top that I can more easily move aside? This would allow me to place a small sheet of glass over the food and lift it away with worms clinging to it. And I wouldn't have to dig through a pile of shredded newspaper to get to the worms.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I put my scraps on top of the newspaper and mist it daily to keep the paper wet. I don't know about the glass trick. My worms are on the bottom of the bin under the newspaper.

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priswell(9 CA)

You can also use a piece of burlap on top of the bedding to protect the worms. It lasts a long time. The worms like to get right under the burlap to feed, but it still offers air circulation.

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