earthbox vermicomposting..

alonzofretwellNovember 18, 2009


i am new to vermiculture. i have set up an old earthbox that i have to serve as my first system.

there is a diagram of the system at the link.

there is a screen over the water reservoir. i am using the system with the screen in place. my plan is to just put 250 worms into the system directly and run it like i would if i were growing vegetables adding feed as needed. periodically removing the castings

can you foresee any trouble with this?

please advise.


Here is a link that might be useful: earthbox diagram

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You might want to use a light to keep the worms in this thing.
And buy a copy of "Worms Eat My Garbage", which will save you a lot of trouble.

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thanks. the light is a good idea. the containers are outside on a second story balcony. i was more concerned they would drown in the water reservoir.

i already have at least one worm in one container. i just picked it up off the sidewalk and dropped it into the container about two years ago. while planting in the box last year i came across a single plump, vigorus worm but i don't think it was the same one i dropped in. i don't know if there are more in the box or not. i was really surprised that they did not all crawl through the screen and drown.

i had a suspicion they would not but with 250 competing for space i don't know.

i will look into the book too.

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also, if they start escaping i can plug the overflow hole with a .25in test-tube stopper.

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