Still Desperate for Help with Creeping Vine

eaj2011October 2, 2013

I am re-posting, hoping for some advice...

I planted a ficus repens/pumilla about a year ago to climb up the north facing wall of my house, and it started off well. But in the past months the leaves started to become mottled and eventually turn yellow and fall off. Some 'branches' of the vine also die out. I've posted a photo. The vine is established in a large outdoor planter that it shares with a podacarpus and green island ficus.

I've tried watering it less, and that didn't help.
I've fed it a fertilizer with minors, but that didn't help either.

Has anybody seen this before? Can you offer advice?


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I am not exactly sure what this is? Could it be an iron deficiency?

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Interesting! I hadn't thought about a major deficiency until you mentioned it. So I contacted a local agricultural lab and they suspect the vine has a serious Mg and Mn deficiency. They've advised me to treat with Mg-sulfate and Mn-sulfate. Thanks for the reply.

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