Evergreen vine for 2nd story deck trellis in zone 5

lpalesOctober 3, 2008

This may seem like an impossible request. I am looking for a fast growing evergreen vine for my second-story deck (to block the view of my neighbor's deck which is also on the second story). It could either be planted in a large pot/planter on my deck or in the ground below the deck, but then it must grow at least 25'. It would be located on the northwest side of the house. If it were planted on the deck then it would get full sun - and lots of heat. If it were planted on the ground below the deck then it wouldn't get much sun until it got to be over 10' tall. It's roots would be competing with a large forsythia and also a large variegated dogwood bush. I'd prefer something that flowers although that's not a must either. I live in zone 5b in southeast Nebraska. Our winter winds are very strong and sometimes we have horrid ice storms. Can you recommend anything? I can always revert to an annual vine like a black-eyed susan vine if nothing else although then the view of my neighbor's deck won't be blocked during some of the best deck months of the year until the annual vine starts to take off. I'd also prefer NOT to get an invasive ivy that will attached to the brick or be a mite problem.

Thanks so much.

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Sending you a link which covers the possibilities for your area. With the conditions you describe, you need to look for a vine hardy in Zone 3 if you will be planting in a container. Zone information will be true, more or less, for plants which have roots in the ground protected by the earth. The general rule is to subtract 1.5 to 2 zones for container plants. Also, you are describing a particularly difficult site (elevated deck, wind exposure).

Unfortunately, none of these vines would be evergreen in your situation. I would consider a screen of lattice or some other attractive material for privacy and enjoy annual or perennial vines from Spring until frost. Roses in the Canadian Explorer series like William Baffin would also give you a fairly dense coverage of branches even after the leaves have fallen. I also like Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle - nice flowers that rebloom for an extended period. If you decide to plant in the ground below the deck, Virginia Creeper should be able to sprint the 25' in 2 seasons if it gets a bit of sun and space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Northern Vines

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Well, I hope you don't mind that I'm asking a question within your post :)

I followed the links and now I want the Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans, zone 4) that was listed on the site.

It says it can be a real estate hog and get out of control, but does that matter with my short growing season? Nothing really gets out of control up here, it seems.

I'd like to plant it along the fence that is just welded wire but I don't want to plant something that will take over.

Do you think it would work and just die back in winter or do you think it would go crazy and spread to the neighbor's yard?



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Sorry! I had meant to post this in my rocky mountain forum but put it here by mistake. While I'm here...

Would Campsis radicans work for me and, if so, would it take over?

I live in zone 5/4, often a 5 but randomly a very cold 4. Also, I am at 8250 feet above sea level in a usually dry and windy climate. Well, this year was so wet we had mushrooms and mildew!! In Colorado!! Surprise, surprise.

Things just don't take off and get out of control unless they are weeds, wild flowers or grasses. But, I'd be planting this along a fence that borders a neighbor. They have strictly wildflowers and raspberries so I would not want to upset that for them.

Thanks for any input!


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