Where do I put the worm food......

chuckiebtooNovember 11, 2013

.............OK, I'm just kidding, EQ2.

What ain't a joke is the consistent lack of posters' taking advantage of that wonderful little thing called SEARCH (see below).

Below: Just as the line appears... at the top of the page, right above "VERMICOMPOSTING", :

Other Forums : Instructions : SEARCH : Post a Message

There's a lotta great info stored back there in, you know, history. Not only can it give an inquisitive mind an opportunity to, you know, think, but it gives some of the long-time members, and posters, and readers of the forum here, including, you know, me, a chance to experience, you know, fresh stuff without feeling obligated to, you know, repeat, you know, ourselves over and over like, you know, I Love Lucy reruns.

You know, history.

That said, almost all of us old-timers will almost always repeat, you know, ourselves for the benefit of newbies who are usually, you know, overwhelmed by the daunting task they think keeping worms alive, you know, is.

Relax, we ain't gonna let you, you know, kill them off all at once.


BTW, on a more serious note, there really IS a whole lotta great stuff in there that includes stuff that a seeker of information would never even think to ask about. You know?

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"Relax, we ain't gonna let you, you know, kill them off all at once."

When a brand new newbie, as opposed to those old newbies, posts their first post... "My neighbor's, sister's, ex-felon, boy friend once dumped battery acid on the ground and in minutes saw that very same ground covered in worms mating. How much battery acid does my system need because I want lots of babies?" Don't you ever feel like replying "I'm not sure but my dog's vet always adds a pinch of Drano and his system is doing great! So try both and let us know?"

For when times are slow and we just can't write and our readers just can't read ... "add bedding and you know stop adding food" ... one more time.

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Oh man, when I first started, I scoured this site, starting at the oldest thread and worked my way backwards to the front.

Loved, loved all of the information. I wrote notes of importance to me, and the worms and dove in.

Of course I asked questions and got to know some of you.
There's such a wealth of information in the Search button to be sure!

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Did the same as jasdip.
You know cb2, if every new newbie or old newbie used the search button, it is possible this site would be just like that other site, you know which I mean.
But I do wish the search button be used for simple basic stuff.

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Read the entire valuable thing here too.

How about use search so that they can ask better questions. Some do not use search first so their questions are so boring nobody really wants to answer them. Why should we spend 5 minutes typing them up a detailed, exact, specific answer when they did not spend even 2 minutes on a search? Or even reading the latest page... or even the latest two questions?

If they have felt themselves qualified enough to be responsible for thousands of tiny lives it would be nice if they glanced at the page before asking the basic question they could guess everybody else has asked.

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Right on eq2!

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Newbies: we are NOT picking on you.

Semi-newbies: we're aware that you are totally enthusiastic about this thing we do, and sometimes impatient for improvement when patience is the answer.

And yes, there is no such thing as all the answers.

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I MAY have picked on a newbie or two in my time. I certainly have picked on some oldies.

There is that one guy that uses a wash through technique to harvest his vermicompost. But other than that I still do not understand washing bedding for reuse. The whole idea is to get the bedding "dirty" with the foodstuff so the bedding too will decompose. Perhaps somebody can explain it to me.

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