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kitteh(6 ohio)October 1, 2013

It's my first year saving seeds for trade. On a fence I planted a few types of mg - can I save seeds from them and they come true to type ? I'm not sure if they'd cross-pollinate ?

The most impressive are the flying saucer types, which grew along one end alone mostly, and I'd get a ton of seeds.

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Well, it depends on how many different species you have and it can get complicated but I will try to present it as basic as possible.

Cross pollination is not the same as cross apple and a cucumber may cross pollinate , but they won't cross fertilize.

1) Species which are the same can cross fertilize...cultivars and varieties of the same species can cross fertilize.

2) species which are different will not cross fertilize

So, if you have "Crimson Rambler" and "Milky Way" which are both Ipomoea purpurea , they can cross fertilize but they will not cross fertilize with your "Flying Saucers" because FS is Ipomoea tricolor.

Your "Flying Saucers" can cross with other cultivars of the same species (Ipomoea tricolor) like Heavenly Blue or Pearly Gates.

There is no guarantee that cultivars of the same species will or won't cross, as it depends on how close they are ( the closer , the more chance of crossing and although 25 to 50 feet apart would be best, there are no guarantees as bees have been proven to be able to carry Ipomoea pollen for over several miles) and other related factors...

Hope that helps...


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