Hyacinth beans still growing

oxmyx(6)October 22, 2007

Well, It is Late October in New England and My Vines are still growing wild!

The Hyacinth bean is perched on the brink of flowering , but it is getting late\

I hope it *poofs* out this week, As you can see from the photos it is very vigourous and has big vines and large flower clusters starting to form, on top of my home and the Rhodedendrom growing there.

I still am very disappointed in that these were Ruby Queen,bought from a garden center; ~~>the red, burgundy vined variety. Clearly they are not.

Should anyone be interested, below I have included a link to some images I took of my vines this morning. The Moonflowers are open in full sun ??#@!! and the Mina Lobata is just coming into its own.

Lucky for me there has been no frost, and moderate temps.

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My white ones took over my front hedge all summer.And crawled up my front porch posts, that hold up the front porch,and started to get into the rafters! I finally had to cut them all down. I picked about 100 pods that were dry and had hard peas in them.I still need to get the seeds out of the pods. Like you, I had very poor performance from my purple hyacinth vine. I got 1 flower on a single 4 foot long vine that grew from my seeds that I planted. Only 1 lived. The 4 foot long vine is covered in aphids and so it the seed pod. No matter what I spray on it, I cant kill these pests! I have 1 sad seed pod covered in aphids, trying to make seeds. It was a BIG let down. But the white ones went wild! And they actually smelled like hyacinths...lightly. I was surprised at that! Your vine looks as big and robust as mine was...I bet you will get flowers VERY soon on those bloom spikes that you showed.

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well hope so but odds are dwindling as the cold front comes in ...

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HI I have the purple hyacinth vine. i actually have 4 of them that i put in from seed. they took off like crazy. if you are interested in pictures or seeds, let me know i would be happy to send them out. Dena

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