It's Official

patrick1969November 2, 2010

I've finally done it. I cut up a pumpkin and put it in the freezer to feed to the worms later. I'm specifically saving scraps for the worms. I think that officially makes me worm crazy.

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Welcome to the world of worm crazy people, like me! Pumpkin is my worms' favorite food. I grow them and collect used jack-o-lanterns JUST for the worms (don't tell the kids ;) Happy wormin' Pete

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I put a raw piece of pumpkin in my finishing bucket and two or three days later put a frozen piece of pumpkin in there. Frozen then thawed pumpkin is mushier and has a deeper orange color to it. The worms seem to be happier with the frozen piece over the raw pieces. I figured the pieces that had a few days to rot would be ready first. It's very interesting to see the differences.

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I too am a card carrying member. Yesterday I brought a pumpkin home from my classroom rather than trashing it there; just for my worm friends!

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I specifically bought pumpkins for my yard this fall KNOWING that I would be giving them to the worms on Thanksgiving. I truly can't wait for Thanksgiving to surprise them. After watching a harvesting video, I could never put my worms through that knowing they may get hurt or dizzy. I love my worms! Where can I get a card to carry?

I'm going to freeze the pumpkin first as a prior poster suggested so it will be more tender for them to slurp up.

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I picked 5 large pumpkins from the neighbours trash this week.
Happily ground them all up in my food processor. They're now in bags in the freezer. Can't wait to feed it to the lads.

I pumpkin was whole. I roasted the seeds, but roasted them a tad too long and tasted over-done. Tossed them out, but I'll try it again if I get another whole pumpkin.

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