Ants in Bin...need help

greenthumbzdudeNovember 10, 2013

I got an ant indoor bin has a bunch of small red do I get rid of them? Also got some earwigs...not sure how of any of these got in the bin.

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Now's a really good time to make a U tube video of the proper way to separate a worm bins' contents into a container of worms and another container of everything else.

The contaminated ant-infested contents can be isolated outdoors and the ants will leave eventually.

Oh, you could try to lure the marauders out with some leftover Halloween candy....and let us know how that works.


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In the movie The Secret Life of Bees, the murdered heroine lured ants out of the kitchen with, ? marshmallows ?

I agree with the post that says take the whole thing outside and
set up a WORM migration -- yet to be fully designed.

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I successfully removed ants from my indoor bin over summer of 2014. Well to begin with, I introduced the ants myself in contaminated shredded paper. I left the said paper in a box outside and it became compromised. I didn't notice the ants until I added bedding one day, there were ants all over me and the bin when I was done. The ants took residence and I promptly removed them and set them in a cellar with a spring fed concrete trough that periodically floods during heavy rain. I dunked the worm bin in the trough and maybe did it 3 more times over the summer and voilÃÂ . No more ants and so I moved them back inside for winter. I'm not sure how many worms I have. I started with 40 or so and maybe have 1000 I figure.

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