Vine that co-habitates with live bamboo??

dngxl5October 2, 2007

I am trying to find information about vines that can co-habitate with living bamboo.

There use to be a nursery in San Francisco called Potrero Hill Nursery whose owner very affectively planted a vine with the living bamboo which then trellised the bamboo adding thickness to it and giving it a very interesting tropical appearance. I seem to recall the owner told me that the plant was not technically a vine but some vine like species, but I am not absolutely sure of this.

Any idea what he may have been using? Can't find anything on the internet and the above mentioned nursery has been gone for some years now.



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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Could it have been something like Tecomaria capensis, Cape Honeysuckle? This would most likely have had orange or yellow flowers in clusters and glossy green foliage, and would rather easily grow up amongst bamboo canes. Other vigorous scandent shrubs or vines would also work, like Burmese Honeysuckle, or Plumbago capensis.

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