multiple problems with my tomatoes?

jenny7c(5)June 9, 2012

They've only been in their pots 3 weeks and problems started early. I imagine that there are a variety of problems going on with them. Last year was my first time, and they did well until the last month of the season.

Plant 1 (Matt's Wild Cherry) had some type of bug (half of a sphere, light gold) immediately after planting the seedling. I picked off about 10 of them, and while there have since been isolated occurrences, they've not come back in mass.

Plant 1 has had its lower leaves turning yellow and then shriveling. I'd already picked off some of the lower branches that went like this, but it continued to move upwards.

I'm guessing Plant 2 (yellow pear) is early blight. (Plant 1 started yellowing before Plant 2 started having problems, but Plant 2's problems are now more extensive.)

Plant 3 (czech's bush) and Plant 4 (black cherry) have a little bit of both of the above, but are primarily healthy. But Plant 4 hasn't grown since it shot up and flowered in the first week after planting.

I've looked through online resources and questions others have asked, but except for the possibility of early blight, none of the others have seemed to match, given my limited knowledge about tomato growing.

Additional pictures are available at:

Long version of above link:

Today: I applied a Bonide's Liquid Copper Fungicide and watered with Miracle-Gro Tomato and Vegetable Food. I then trimmed off the bad leaves/branches.

Other products I already have from last year or bought at store recommendation: Captain Jack's Flower & Vegetable Dust, Bonide Mite-X, Espoma Tomato-Tone,

The weather in Madison, WI hasn't exactly helped - 90s just after planting (they grew well then), dropped to 50s and rainy(stopped growing), and recently it has been more temperate and season-appropriate (only Plant 3 really is growing).

Your recommendations?

Thank you!!

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I would snip off every leaf that looks like either of the two pics, then spray it liberally with Daconil, do again in 5 days and then every 7 days there after.

If that doesn't do it then learn to play Taps.

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Thanks for your input.

A question about snipping off leaves - what about the leaves that only have a couple small spots on them? Are they salvageable or will they just spread things along, even if they are sprayed?

A question about spraying - how do I get it to more fully cover the leaf surface and the underside? Any tricks to that?

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