Spreading the Wealth

equinoxequinoxNovember 10, 2013

Is there an advantage to spreading the food out over the top of the bin evenly rather than dumping it in the middle in a pile?

The videos of huge vermicomposting systems show these large auger machines sprinkling a thin layer of material evenly over the top of the bin. Perhaps they feed this food bedding mix 5 times a day?

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Better aeration?

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Also, I think you are describing flow through systems, which require the food to be added evenly across the surface so that everything at one particular level is processes the same when it gets to the bottom of the bin.

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I sometimes do it just to see which food is the tastiest!

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Decomposed food left long enough in the bin can no longer be distinguished from worm poop and will be just compost and not castings. I used to feed a handfull in several holes and I have a feeling that when the next feeding came, they left the old pile and went for the new. I think those leftovers are what I found later as clumps when harvesting. They have a wetter centre. As when the food is spread, it is a wider surface that the worms can get too. Except of course with chunks of pumpkins.

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One of the many advantages of having worm "bins" (multiple smaller ones) vs "the" bin is that you can always be experimenting to find for yourself the answers to questions like this.

In this case....as with most situations....the advantage is for the convenience of the worm tender. The worms really could care less and are gonna get their's, if you know what I mean.

I've done experiments feeding separate bins using spread, and spot feeding techniques that result in virtually identical results. The spot feeding technique conveniences we keepers of the slop so we'll easier see when to re-feed.


BTW.....Even after the food supply appears to be consumed (unrecognizable), there is still lots of worm-worthy stuff in there that they'll get around to taking care of when you fall down on the job.

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I do either/or, whatever I feel like that day.
Doing pockets, gives the worms room to get out of the way in the case of over-heating. After I lost half my herd a few years ago giving them brown rice that over-heated, I'm a little more cautious. When I spread it out I like to spread it over half the bin, again to give them room if necessary.

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