please help me id this perennial vine

izzybelle(11)October 5, 2007

The "vine" has a thick large trunk, slightly downy trunk and leaves. The flowers are lavender of a true solid color, are trumpet shaped like a morning glory. The flowers also behave like morning glories in that they open in full sun and close by afternoon. The whole plant can get up to 8 feet tall and just as wide. I saw the plant year after year outside a take-out food place; uncared for, hardly watered, rarely weeded. The store owners do not know what it is. When weather conditions permit, it flowers and looks absolutely gorgeous due to it's impressive size and beautiful flowers. I got a smaller plant dug up from near the parent and am now growing it in a pot. It has flowered but not recently due to a battle with spidermites.

Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance for your help.


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izzybelle - A photo of the flowers and leaves would certainly help alot...

What shape are the leaves(?)...are there any seedpods on the original plant(?)...

What geographic location are you located in(?)

The plant sounds like it may be a Morning Glory...and I'm thinking possibly an Argyreia...does it look something like the plant linked to(?)...

Please provide more information...



Here is a link that might be useful: Argyreia nervosa in the PlantFiles...

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Thank you so much for responding, Ron. I'm sorry that I did not take a picture, it is night now...I'm thinking that your day is my night. I live in Hawaii, on Oahu near the coastline. I'll try tomorrow. The link looks very much like the one I have except, of course, better. The leaves are almost identical, the flowers are not that deep a violet in the center. I also noticed that the flower buds are clustered together instead of individually. Again, I've gone through a very bad spidermite event...I finally got rid of them with soap and water but I know I'll have to spray again in a couple of days--so my plant does not look that good...Wish me luck, I've not uploaded a photo before.
Thank you,

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Hi izzybelle-Lee,

You can send any photos to my e-mail...since you can't upload directly to the site here...

I sent you an e-mail...



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I sent you an e-mail because I did not recieve one from you. Could you try again so that I have an address to attach the picture to?
Thanks so much,

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Don't know if you got your answer yet on your vine. However, after years of searching I finally came across an answer to my mysterious vine. Find out its pretty popular but not in any books that I have found or looked in. Its botanical name - clitoria ternata 'Double', Common Name - Butterfly Pea Vine - Double variety. Maybe this may be your vine. Mine has deep violet blue iris looking flowers on a delicate leaf vine. Very hardy vine in South Florida. If you do not have your answer I will research the page that I found it on a post it so you can see the vine. I love it. It can be easily started by seed or transplants from nearby sprouters. When mine gets mites or powdery looking mildew I just water the leaves a couple times a week and it all goes away. It can be hacked at and comes back beautifully. Awesome fence cover, rabbit cage hider, cat lounge, or admirer gatherer. Given many seeds away to very happy people who now enjoy their beautiful easy caring vine.

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The following web page has a picture of this vine. Not as colorful as it is in person.

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Did you ever find your your vines Identity?


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Yes, I did find the name of the vine. Ron was right. He is amazing! I communicated with him through e-mail and sent him a picture...that was awhile ago...since then, I lost all of my e-mail through the joys of computer problems and I had to get rid of the vine due to an impossible to control outbreak of spidermites just on that plant (it was dying anyway--I couldn't keep up with the mites). Interestingly enough, the huge plant at the store also died...A few other people I spoke to who are gardeners around here also seemed to have big problems with spidermites this past year (07). Anyway, thank you for your inquiry and thank you Ron and Olulpana for your help and input.
As a final thought; I hope that I too can help someone on this site someday. You guys are one of the nicest sites/people on Gardenweb!
Thank you again,

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