Too wet

daman1974November 10, 2009

Ok so I stopped watering my worms cause I am getting too much "juice". But now it seems I am getting more than ever. Their diet consists of banana peels and left over salad. Is there too much water content in the salad? Is there a way to dry it out?

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kelser01(z8 TX)

I just add more newspaper/cardboard if mine seems too wet.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Shredded newspaper & cardboard in the drip pan is great for soaking up "juice". It also gives any wandering worms something to munch on if they end up down there.

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yes..Salad is really watery, but add some dry newspaper as kelser said. Lettuce will give off a lot of water as it decomposes. But think how healthy the worms will be eating all that salad. have fun with those worms. steve

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All the 'greens' are at least 75 to 80 percent water.
I believe lettuce and watermelon is around 90 percent.

Something i found out when i added the rind of a whole watermelon.

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i use shreaded paper but only when I can not find any leaves I grind them up using a riding lawn mower

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Egg cartons/pallets or other pressed paper material like that absorb water really fast. I get them in bulk from a woman that works at a hatchery. You only need a couple for a single bin. You can also use them for bedding.

You can also dig a hole in one end of the bin all the way to the bottom and prop the other end up. The excess water will run to the hole after an hour or so depending on how wet the bin is. Use a turkey baster to suck it out. Do this over a few days. I occasionally do this with my two bins that have no drip tray or other runoff system. I only need to do it when I've neglected the bins for a time, though. Otherwise, I keep the moisture fairly consistent with absorbent materials.

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