My home built Bin

clayton_gardenerNovember 3, 2009

Here are some pictures of my Bin I recently built. Due not it is a prototype. It is a stackable / independent system. I also have a stand that needs to be built with it. Right now I am seeing if the worms will thrive in it. I will be adding / changing size and location of the air vents in the next one I build. Let me know what yall think.



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Looks really nice- you could put that in the living room- be careful no one thinks it's a coffee table

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Neat! That looks like it'll make for some happy (and stylish) worms. I see holes drilled in the bottom, do you have some sort of moisture collection system in the base that we can't see?

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Cat - LoL, no coffee table, thanks for the compliment

Fish - When I build the stand, which will be in the next two weeks, it will incorporate a drip pan. Right now I have a towel under there. Also there is a slide in / out screen to keep the worms in on the bottom.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Clayton, why not a coffee table? I agree with Cat that it certainly looks nice enough. Similar idea to this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Digestive Table

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Very nice! No one would suspect it is not a coffee table.

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Well, yall got me thinking, put it in the living room, and it is right there. The wife put that idea to rest real quick. But on another note, I am going to build a coffee table now.

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Make a dual purpose coffee / vermicompost harvesting table. Then you can harvest compost/worms without missing your shows.

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