raqigirlNovember 10, 2009

Three or four weeks ago we had acorn squash for supper. Of course, we put the seeds and "stuff" into the worm bin. HA! Now, every morning I'm pulling 20 to 30 sprouts out of the worm bin. I swear that if I didn't they would take over the bin and be lifting the lid off!

Is there anything I can do next time that will prevent the seeds from sprouting, as I hate to toss that worm food into the trash?

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FWIW, anytime I have seeds sprout, I will just pull them, break them in half or shred them manually then toss them back in the bin.


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Good idea. Thanks!

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jonas302(central mn 4)

I suppose it depends on bin type in my rubbermaid it is dark and they never get far other wise I would just toss more bedding over it

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Yup, pull them up and toss them back. If your concern is that these new sprouts are eating up the nutrients in the compost, tossing them back in ensures that these nutrients (most of em anyway) don't leave the compost.

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