Help! Have to cut back my vines today so I can bring plants in..

Lynn NevinsOctober 28, 2012

I have a clematis in a 10" pot and a an american wisteria in a 14" pot. Both plants are about 6 months old.

The wisteria really grew alot and attached itself to several parts of the trellises along my balcony walls. The clematis has been a very slow grower.

Either way, in order to take the plants indoors due to impending hurricane, I need to cut them back, which I realize might not be the best timing, but I have no choice. So....does it matter if I cut them back at the highest point I can (and then cut them back down more in the Spring), or should I just cut them back low now?


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Isn't there any way you can secure the pots so they don't fly away? The wind and rain have really picked up here and it's just getting worse. If you must move them to keep the pots from flying I'd leave at leave as much growth as possible. Good luck, stay safe and hope you don't get any damage from Sandy.

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