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lostmarbles18(8 southern Az)November 26, 2009

Well I guess I am a bit of a gambler. I started in April with 1 pound of reds.

There main diet was horse poop in an 18 gal. container after 3 months I had 2 containers going then 3 then 4.In the mean time my manure pile was growing. So 3 weeks ago I emptied one of the containers on to the pile of horse poop.

After a week I went out to check on them and what a difference. The ones in the pile were fatter and so much more active then the ones in the containers so I emptied a second container,last week was the 3rd and today the last one.

I would estimate that I put at least 25 pounds of worms in.

The pile is at different stages of composting from several months old to shoveled this morning the temps here are starting to dip into the high 20s at night and so I am finding them in the band between the top and the stuff that is still hot composting.

Now that I have all these empty containers maybe I will try some euros because I have alot of friends that want fishing worms,Hmmmmm

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What are your plans? Are you just managing your horse manure, growing more worms quicker, selling your worm processed horse manure or a combo?

I am interested in your plans and results. I was looking into helping small horse farmers manage their mounds and helping myself to a worm breeding location off-site.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I love to hear success stories like yours. How often and how much have you fed your worms?

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Rather than pile horse manure you may want to look into larger scale worm composting method than using containers.

Read up on Trench Composting, this method allows you to make use of larger amounts of material for worm composting. As you add new material to an empty part of the trench the worms can crawl into it and if it starts to heat to a point where it is unfavorable to them they can crawl back to the older compost. If you are using manure worms and not deep soil dwelling worms they should stay in the trench unless they run out of food, gets too wet or dry, etc. so you'll need to consider weather, shade and the like before you dig.

A Flow Through Worm Bin will have some additional cost (buy or build) but it may work for you. It allows you to keep adding material from the top and have finished compost fall below that you can use for whatever. Depending on the size, you should be able to compost more material with less worry about the compost heating to the point that it is unfavorable for worms ... if it's deep enough or you keep a watch over how much material you add vs how much the worms are processing the newer material on top may heat up but there should be a good layer of "safe" compost below that the worms can crawl down to.

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lostmarbles18(8 southern Az)

beesee, it is hard to tell how much I feed now that I started a winrow. When I had 4 containers I was feeding approx 30 pounds a week. Now that they are in a winrow that is approx 3 feet high 8 feet wide and 20 feet long and growing daily when we clean the stalls they do have some catching up to do.

rom.Calgary.ab While a trench system intrigues me I am afraid that with our very dry soil that is very porous all I would end up with is a mud hole.I feel that it would suck the moisture out to the surrounding area and I would just have to add more water. I feel that a winrow for me is the way to go maybe in the future I would like to try different techniques. After all we do have 39 acres to play with lol.

rookie 09,Right now I am in the growing stage but as time goes by I am real interested in marketing the castings. I do have a web sight up and running and the area we live in is agricultural with an up and coming wine industry.
I would love to talk with you more why not drop me a line and see were we can go from there.

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