Please help identify this vine

sandra60102(4a and 3b)October 4, 2009


I am from Wisconsin and I was walking between some corn fields and came across a vine that has some interesting pods. If it is something that will look good in the garden, I am ready to save the seeds.

The dried pods look a little like gomphrina but are about four times as large. They are beige when they dry out but green with spikes when they begin to make seeds. The seeds almost look like watermelon seeds and are inside the pod that opens like a moonflower/datura. There is also a beige mesh like structure inside the pod when it deposits its seeds.

I have some pictures but am not sure how to attach them.

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You can upload the photo to a picture posting in the Gallery part of the Vines forum, then you can refer us to that particular post to see what you found. It's tough to venture an ID without such a photo. Good luck!


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