Cypress Vine help?

kricketteOctober 13, 2010

In my town there are a couple of houses which have cypress vine growing on their fence. At the moment they are creating tons of seed pods and since the houses were purchased by the school and going to be torn down, I decided to start collecting the seeds. Well, I got a whole bunch and put them in the ground. I'm not sure why I decided to do it since it's only October, but I'll just say I wasn't thinking. The pot they are currently in isn't terribly big, so I could bring it in and put it by a window if need be.

My problem, though, is that I moved the soil too much and the seeds ended up on top of each other. So now I have them growing in in clumps. There is one clump that is rather huge, with 10 seedlings growing in a square inch area! Some are larger than others, some just unfurled while some are about an inch tall and just beginning to sprout their whispy vines in the center.

When would it be safe for me to move them apart? Or are they just going to fight each other for space and the strongest will survive? I'd like to save as many as I can.

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The sooner you separate them , the better because once the roots get inter-tangled too much , you might never get them apart without doing considerable damage to the roots...

You could just leave them clumped together and as you mentioned they will compete for root space ,nutrients and light ...some might completely over-take the others...

I'd say wet the clump enough so that you can very carefully separate the young vines , uncover an area of the soil where you want to place each of the individual vine plants , place each seedling carefully into it's new location , cover it up and keep it well watered...

The cypress vine seeds are easy to come by , so you could always get more but you could gain some worthwhile experience in separating and transplanting young seedlings that may be very useful in another situation...

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