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migarden(z5 MI US)October 23, 2008

Not sure what the right forumis for this but...was digging up my potato vines before frost gets them and I noticed have potatoes on the roots. I always thought they were simply ornamental and would not produce a potato. At any rate, was wondering if I can use the potatoes to make plants in the spring and if so, how do I store them for winter, etc. I know some are Marguerite and some are dark purple - not sure of the name.

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migarden - The Ornamental cultivars of Ipomoea batatas produce a sweet potato root that is just as edible as the non-ornamental types...in fact the entire plant is totally edible except for the seeds...the leaves can be eaten fresh in a salad or made into fritters...

The root can be overwintered by placing into sawdust or any other medium which has good aeration...keep it from drying out completely by dampening once in awhile...

You can also try overwintering the Ipomoea batatas rot and vine by placing it in a sunny window where the root may continue to produce some leaves,but not quite as prolifically as when the vine is outdoors during the summer...

The vines are susceptible to overly drying out if the house heat is very dry or if the vine is placed where dry heat will impact on the leaves by rapidly drying them out faster than the vine can maintain hydration...

Good Luck with your vines...


Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea batatas in the PlantFiles...

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I've never had any luck with the potato, so I always bring them in and use them as an indoor plant all winter. Mine grow like weeds, and I usually have to trim them and root the trimmings as well.
good luck.

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Migarden is it an Ipomoea or a Solanum?
If it is Solanum Crispum,(Chilean Potato Vine) I wouldn't advise eating any part of it as they do contain Tropane Alkaloids.

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