raqigirlNovember 5, 2009

I'm wondering how people feed?

I read some things that seem to indicate that their bins are layered, with castings on the bottom, food in the middle and bedding up on top. When they feed, they pull back the bedding, add food and put the bedding back on top of the food.

Others seem to say that they also layer, but differently, with castings on the bottom and a mix of food/bedding layers on top. When they feed, I get the idea that they add food on top of the bin and add new/fresh bedding on top of the food.

I feed the first way. I use shredded newspaper and office type paper as the bedding. Of course, some of the paper filters down into the feeding area and so is replaced on top. (Did that make sense?)

Okay. How do you feed and why did you choose that method?

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2 ways to feed worms:
1/ Pocket feed- dig a hole big enough for the food and bury it. Pick a different spot next time. This works for bins, totes and boxes.
2/Top feed- spread food over the top surface and cover with a layer of bedding( to keep flies off). This works for flow-thru reactors.
Whatever your worms live in and whatever works for you- that's what you do. Worms is easy. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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I generally just add food to the top and add bedding to it whenever I get around to it. If your bin is inside your house you may not want to do this as it can attract bugs. Mine is in the garage so that doesn't bother me.

You may get quicker results by burying the food but I'm not in a race for compost, just an easy way to get rid of the food scraps.

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here goes (by the way welcome to the wacky world of keeping worms) I don't blend, freeze, or microwave. I almost always add some bedding to the feed pan along with my coffee grounds, some food and vegetable scraps ect. then I pull back the bedding in the bin and add the food pan contents. by the way, as much as I fluff my bins (I'm a very nosy person) my bins are a mixture of bedding, food worms and castings from top to bottom. I know there are better ways to feed but that is the way I do it. My worms are very sqirmy and fat so I know they are eating enough. I also observe plenty of eggs and baby worms. I think where I used to err was by not keeping enough bedding in the bin. bedding is free and the worms turn it into castings, and it keeps the bin oxygenated so the worms can live better, more active lives. I use corrugated cardboard as bedding. If you use all paper they will do well too. but you might want to try a few handfuls of corrugated just for fun. I think it is marvelous for bedding and because some of my foodstock is kind of messy at times, it doesnt ball up like paper does. I feed a lot of stuff people warn you agains feeding, like dairy and an occasional chunk of meat, mashed potatoes, onion peelings, citrus, heck worms will eat anything that will rot. But plenty of bedding kind of buffers the effects of rich or smelly food.
Well thats about it. Steve

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My bin is a Flow Through Reactor (FT). There was around 5 pounds of worms in the bin when i started it. No idea how many pounds there is now.

I keep a 4 inch layer of shredded paper/cardboard mixture on the top. The worms definitely eat just under this layer. Pooping into the oldest wet paper and munching on it too.

My FT is a made from a barrel. I mentally divide the feeding area with the center as the dividing spot. And feed in wedges clockwise around the top. I pull back the top layer of shreds that still look fresh. And spread out the contents of my scrap jar on top of the shreds the worms are starting to poop into.

The feedings are one to two inches deep. When i feed the next time i start at the point the last feeding stopped. Then i replace the shredded paper and top it off with new dry shreds to bring thickness of the shredded paper back up to 4 inches.
With a large amount of worms in a (FT) the worms can be feed daily. I only hold off feedings when i get back to the first spot i fed and the worms haven't polished the last feeding off. That is not too often i have to feed something large like the whole rind of a watermelon before having to wait.

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