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gardener_sandyOctober 23, 2010

A friend found a vine growing in an alley in Richmond, VA, zone 7, that he's trying to ID. Dry soil area, heart shaped opposite leaves about 3" long, 4.5" long seed pod on 1" long stem, about 1" in diameter in the middle. We are both acquainted with identification keys and have used the VT dendrology key with no luck. Any suggestions? (Click on the thumbnails below for full size pictures.)

Thanks for any help.


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I don't know what it is, but I'd love to trade for some seeds! Email me for my list.

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Cynanchum laeve - commonly know as Blue Vined Milkweed, Honeyvine Milkweed ,Sand Vine ;
I generally confine my ID's to Morning Glories but in this instance I'm familiar with the plant in question as it is commonly thought to be some type of Morning Glory due to the heart shaped leaves , although the seedpods are typical for a milkweed...

hope that helps...


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That does look like it. I'll send the info along to my friend. Thanks. And I'm glad we found an ID before he planted the seeds. Apparently it can be very invasive in our area.


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Sorry, but at this time there are no seeds available for trade. He only collected one seed pod and the parent plant does not belong to him. He may have some at a later time. If so, I'll post here.

Thanks for all the help and inquiries.


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