Pumpkins! Post-Halloween

Aindra(8, BC)November 1, 2012

It's the time! :)

Since I got my worm bin this year, instead of throwing my pumpkins away and feeling wasteful, I'll be feeding them. Woot.

I've heard some stories of worm people hoarding their pumpkins from their neighbours. Any of you doing it today?

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Lucky worms! Last year my son collected used JOL pumpkins from his neighborhood after Halloween and brought me a small truck-load. Whole pumpkins keep a long time if kept cool, dry, and dark. Once they are cut, you must add to the bin or freeze for worm treats later ;)

I like to lay a big slab of pumpkin meat side down in my bin. I cover well with bedding and do not peak for a couple weeks. When it gets soft, I roll it over and there is always a VERY impressive mass of squirm just underneath!

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I've also heard it said that Pumpkin is the perfect food for helping tiny baby worms to develop and grow. Whenever I'm at the Farmer's Market,I keep a look out for chunks of Pumpkin gone bad and at a cheap price, to bring home for my wormsies.


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