a city boy can learn !

mensplaceNovember 29, 2009

This morning I set out to pick up some cow and horse manure. While a younger and leaner teen dug into a large hill of well composted manure, I went and scooped up some fresh to ignite the pile a tad. I was amazed when I removed the fresh top layer and found rich black dirt beneath where very FAT worms were beating a hasty retreat down their holes that were about 1/4 inch across, I dug down about six inches and cut a few in half as they were stillon the way down. The earth was thick and rich. Within half an hour, I had dug all the worms I could want as each shovel full brought up another dozen or so. When I got home, I quickly put them into the soil of my compost heap, where I am sure that they will soon find their way to reproduce aplenty. NOW, I think I have some crawlers. Most were a light pink and gray, but FAT and very long and healthy. Definitely NOT red wigglers!

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Great local talent can't be beat!

Curt :-)

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