Moonflower Vine

kek19October 24, 2007

Can I root a cutting from my Moonflower Vine? It started dying just as all the buds showed up, due to our whacky weahter I presume. I took a cutting and it's in water, still alive. But has anyone ever rooted cuttings for one to get a head start on next year?

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Why not dig it up.

I intend to cut mine back and dig it up and overwinter it, that and HB Morning glory.
Don't know how well I will succeed, but I have goos HID lights, Might even get blooms!

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Oxmyx I wintered a Moonflower Vine over inside under HID lights and it bloomed throughout the winter. Even better was that I got blooms early the next season. Even when I start the seeds inside early I usually don't get blooms until August. I didn't get any seed pods from the flowers that bloomed inside but I'm guessing that's because there was nothing to pollinate them???

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The vine is dying back though, there's very little green. You think if I dig it up and cut it back it might still survive?

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kek19 My guess is you will be ok it probably is stressed a bit and when you cut it back , most plants produce new vigor.

Did it flower well and do you have seed pods? If so I can see why it is dying back. Otherwise be sure it isn't sick or insect infested first. I say this because my most full of seed pods plants are ok but dying back a bit, other wise the vines are healthy, that haven't flowered as much.

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Patches(Southern Ontario-7)

I wanted to share some pics of my moonflower vines grown on my small balcony in containers from seeds I harvested a year ago (see post in container gardening forum re harvesting moonflower seeds oct '06) and will do that just as soon as I work out how to upload a photo. It's 8 degrees celsius (which I think is about 50 fahrenheit) and was sunny with cloud ... now is mostly cloudy!

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Patches(Southern Ontario-7)

from seed harvested Oct '06 which will shows the plant climbing for my awning & the pot size:

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I had only one bloom in mid summer, that my daughter picked right away. It was COVERED in buds, several a day before opening when we got our first frost, they fell off, never opened. Now we've had 3 freezes in the past week. Everything is dying back now. I think I missed my window of opportunity to dig it up to try and overwinter it. But on a plus side, the cutting I took before it got too bad, is still green and growing, no sign of any roots yet though :(

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billie(zone 5 Iowa)

Hi I planted moon flower vine seeds this summer for the first time and have fallen in love with them.. they are gorgeous.. my problem is that the frost got them before i got any seeds.. the seeds I planted were "gifted" to me and I cant find somewhere to purchase more seeds for next spring.. can anyone point me in the right direction?? I sure would appreciate finding some more for next summer..
thank you all for any help

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Go to seed exchange on Garden web.Be careful you might get addicted. LOL

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