getting in a round robin?

plant.babies(Zone 7-8)September 2, 2006

I have successfully exchanged plants with a few people, so would like to get in on a round robin if possible.

how is that done? Should I provide references?

thank you.


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msprettyky(Z6 KY)

I have the same question. Do we ever have sunflower round robins? I would like to know how to become involved too.

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MimiB1(Z8 LA)

I am far from an expert on this but I see your thread getting further down on the list and you both deserve some answers....(not to mention that Round Robins are so much fun and one of my favorite things to do...)!

Each Round Robin has a different set of rules, depending on what the host or hostess decides. These are posted at the start of the thread. When you look at it and decide you would like to participate you simply sign on and say "Hey, I want to join" or something to that affect. As long as your email is not blocked, the host/hostess will email you that you are in. Some Robins have everyone send seeds to the host and that person then sorts through them and sends back a whole different set to you. For these you send your seeds in a bubble pack with enough postage for the return mailing as well as a return lable. It is always best to make sure that everything has both your GW name as well as your real name because it is easy to become confused. Other Robins are monthly "box" exchanges. You give your information to the host & they pair you up with a different partner each month. You exchange a list of likes, hobbies, or dislikes and you put together a little "goodie" box that is appropriate.
I hope that this helps and by all means PLEASE just jump right in there!
By the way - gw:plant.babies - I don't see your trade page. You might want to create one so everyone can look to see what you like or have to offer. Happy Gardening! MimiB (Brenda)

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Brenda thanks for answering that. It is good to have new people on the forum and is IS confusing.
I had originally objected to Spike lumping all group swaps and round robins together but it has worked out OK once people understand about the different kinds of swaps/RRs.
pb you are off to a good start if you have done a couple swaps on your own. It helps to learn about packing and shipping to set up a few trades and carry them out. And, Yes,posting your wants and haves and a bit about yourself and your garden helps too. To be in either a group swap OR a round robinou need to have something to trade. This is a great time of the year to be collecting seeds for RR's.
Like Brenda said, be reading and watching until you see an exchange that intrests you and then sign up.
Hope to see youtrading soon.

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