UPDATE: wish list swap update #2

micyreySeptember 21, 2007


I will be posting here when I send the eivies, and DC# for those that wanted them.

we will be useing this post from now on.



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I send the seeds off home today, lets all hope they get there saftly. those that requested a DC# I will e-mail those to you. I also hope I got the postage right on the envies, and if I did not put enough on and they don't come back to me for more let me know. I weighed them on the scale at the post office, so lets all keep our fingers crossed that I put the right stamps on :)(I'm a little dislecsic, and get confused sometimes)
thanks you to everyone for all the great seeds and the nice notes, I had fun sorting the seeds and getting to know you all a little, and everyone was very gererous.

I recycled baggies for the Straight Swap, so if there is a baggie with someone elces name on it, don't worry the seeds are for you.

thanks again

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eclpsprinc(Z9 CA)

Thank you so much Michelle for hosting this swap and all of the work you put into it! I'm so looking forward for my envie :)

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Michelle, Thank you for such a great seed swap, You have done awesome hosting this swap.


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Michelle - I got a fully stuffed envelope today!!! Yippeee! Thank you SO MUCH everyone! So many things I can take off of my wishlist, and SO MUCH MORE!!!! I hope everyone else enjoys all the goodies they get! Thank you so much for hosting the Michelle - you did an awesome job!!!


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roflol(Z6 MO)

Wahoo! Today was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one :-) Got my package full of seeds from my wish list, which has been whittled down to less than half its former self.

Thank you to everybody involved in this swap - to everybody who sent the seeds I received, to those who looked for seeds I had listed even if you didn't find anything, to those who adopted the seeds I sent (I really hope they work out for ya!), and especially to Michelle who hosted the swap and wrangled all those seeds!



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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

My package came today! Thank you very much for all of the hard work put into this swap for us. And, thanks to everyone for the wonderful seeds! I haven't even gone through everything yet! It's so cool to get some things I wanted for the yard. I'm really looking forward to winter sowing again this year.

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I am anxiously awaiting my envie....I feel like a kid waiting for santa to come...LOL

I just wanted to thank everyone that sent seeds, and shared their garden with me...esp the two of you that thought so much to resend seeds for me, you went above and beyond...so thanks everyone !!!

I am already saving milk cartons...can anyone tell me if the hood milk jugs are ok or not for winter sowing, I am wondering if they wouldnt be ok since they will block the sun ?? Any comments ??

Thanks again !!!

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roflol(Z6 MO)

flwrs4ever, I don't think we have Hood brand here, but I'm reading in recycling circles that Hood milk jugs are opaque which - as they are - would not work for wintersowing for nearly all instances. Although some seeds don't require light for germination, most sprouts would eventually require at least some light for photosynthesis so you'd have to move anything that sprouted in a Hood container to something else anyway... time spent that you could be doing something else - like checking all the other containers you sowed! ;-) Plus you'd be having to use a flashlight to see if anything had germinated in those I think.

Now, if you really want to use those up, seems like you could cut off the tops somehow to lighten it up in there, and tape over the top with baggie and poke vent holes, or something. I haven't seen them, so you might have to get creative. Keep an open mind when it comes to containers.

Good luck!

Terri (rofLoL)

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thanks so much for the info...my son only likes hood so i am going to have to ask my friends to save some others for me...

I will have to try and use the hood ones for something else, thanks again for the info, i was thinking the same thing about the sun light.

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

flwrs: some people who use milk jugs like to put a plastic bag over them (or put the jug in them) and put in holes for drainage and ventilation. You could cut large windows out of the opaque jug, using the corners and cap part of the jug as a framework to hold the bag up. I happened to get a pair of Black and Decker electric scissors last x-mas, and they were so handy for cutting up jugs. If you're going to try to wintersow with the Hood jugs, ask for a pair of those for a holiday gift!

I can't wait to get home and check the mail. I want seeeeedddddsssssss!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: power scissors

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My seeds came today, thank you so much! I wasn't in the wishlist part of the swap, but I still got an awesome assortment!


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eclpsprinc(Z9 CA)

Yippee! My seeds came yesterday. Thank you so much everyone for fulfilling lots of my wishes and then some. This was my first swap and I had a great time with it. Thanks again Michelle... you did a fantastic job! Are we ready for another round? JK :)


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My mailwoman delivered my wonderful package this morning - thank you, Michelle, for the hard work you put into this! And thanks to all of you who contributed so much to my "wanted" list - I can hardly wait to get planting!

Best wishes to all for a wonderful autumn! :)

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my seeds arrived yesterday - thank you so very much everyone! And thanks Michelle for all your hard work! I'm hoping we can do something similar for Christmas - secret santay type thing

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Hi Everyone,
I received my seeds today, and I just want to thank all of you for all the wonderful varieties! (I love 'em all). Wish list swaps are so much fun! I'm so happy!...LOL...A special thanks to you Michelle for hosting, you did a great job! Looks like everyone is pleased so far with what they got, that's awesome! I hope you all have a great wintersowing year! Again thanks so much and have a wonderful day...Marylee

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ok, if I starting singing " all I want for Christmas is a pair of electric scissors, pair of electric scissors..." around my house..DO YOU THINK THEY WILL GET THE HINT ??

thanks everyone SOO MUCH FOR ALL THE SEEDS !! HUGS TO YOU ALL !! Michelle thanks for hosting this was tons of fun..and I got two seeds that I said last week I just gotta have, so thanks !! Didnt even have to wish for them..LOL

Look forward to trading again with all of you soon.


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Hi All,

I got a wonderful envie in the mail today. I have to tell ya'll that I never expected soooo many wonderful seeds!!!! Thank you all for all the seeds. Michelle THANK YOU for hosting this awesome swap, You are absolutely FANTASTIC.

Thank you all again,


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I got my seeds today. Thanks very much to all of you! I got some great seeds from my list that I did not really expect to receive.
Thanks for hosting Michelle-You're the bomb!

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

I got my very nice envelope and thanks Michelle for hosting another great wish list swap!!!

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

My delivery confirmation says that my envy arrived at my post office Thursday at 2pm. Why was my mailbox empty? WHERE ARE MY SEEDS???!!!! I am going to break into the post office and find them!!

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cottageflowers(7a MD)

This was my first big swap. I was very excited about joining but never imagined what i would get. I received my seeds in the mail. WOW!!!!! I feel like crying I am so happy. There are so many of the seeds that were on my wish list!!!! And then all the extras!!!! I must say to all of you that I appreciate the seeds so very much. I have never belonged to any group that is so AWESOME. Thanks Michelle for hosting you did a wonderful job!
You people are the reason GW is the best!!! Thanks again, Jenny.

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oh my! stage-rat I wonder what could be the hold up. I bet you have been checking the DC# everyday.
I hope they can get it there on monday.
it looks like we still have 5 people that have not receved their seeds yet. and I'm glade everyone is happy with their seeds, you all did such a great job sorting and marking your seeds, so I think everyone got stuff on their lists, I know I did. sorry I could not include the coleus cuttings, as you could see the envies were a little stuffed.
but if any one wants to do a small trade I have rooted coleus and sweet potato vines.
thanks everyone
ps don't forget to post when you get your seeds becouse I'm keeping track so I know they all made it.

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Michelle - and everyone - I am SOOOO happy with my seeds. I shouldn't wax poetic, since I loved them all, but I'm going to anyway.

First of all, the snapdragons and calendulas are about my favorite flowers of all. And since more than one player sent them for me, I will be breathless as I walk around my garden next year - barring any super weird weather conditions, I'm pretty good at germinating them. OTOH, I had some rattlesnake master, but I blew it with that this year - maybe didn't get it in the ground fast enough? Whatever, I really appreciate getting a second chance at it to those of you who sent it.

The malva sylvestris Braveheart almost made me cry. My Uncle Jerry, my late Dad's favorite brother, passed away last year. He was proud of his WWII vet status, and I thought it would be the perfect plant to grow for him. He has 3 living children as well, and I hoped to grow some for them, too.

The everlastings - I have just started venturing into the everlasting world, and am loving it. I will be making some wreaths this fall, but have no lunaria, gomphrena, scorpiurus, and not much Bells of Ireland. I so appreciate these; they will give my wreaths way more interest next year than just the strawflowers and statice I have now.

Lysimachia punctata - I didn't expect to get this! And I am thrilled! I am just as happy to get the chamomile, too, which I did think I'd get because it's a "common" plant (I love "common" plants) - but I was out of it, and it is essential to my herb garden, which I am very proud of.

And the roses, the gaura, the poppies...oh, my little piece of paradise in New England will be gorgeous with all your goodies next year - thank you all so much, and especially you, Michelle, for sorting all this stuff.

Autumn blessings to everyone. I am happy. :)

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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

my package came yesterday, but I didn't really get to go thru it til today. everyone was very generous! I've enjoyed looking at all my seeds and I'm SOOOO ready to plant right now. can't wait for wintersowing to start.

mega thanks to everyone!!

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the aquilegia Black Barlow (it takes awhile, I think, to really process all the goodies you get from a good swap!) - this was the flower that DH fell in love with - so HE is happy, too! :)

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My seeds arrived today. A big thank you to Michelle for all your hard work.
Thank you also to everyone who sent me seeds.


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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

WOW oh wow oh wow!

I just received an envelope of pure gold! I'm so happy to receive so many things from my wish list--thank you to everyone who read through the whole long thing and was able to send in something!

Everything I got makes me happy, but I'm super-excited about the red coreopsis, yellow loosestrife, ornamental rhubarb, Rudbeckia "Becky," feverfews, and oriental poppies. My garden is going to be so great, with plants grown from all these wonderful seeds.

Thanks, Micyrey, for hosting the swap, and again, thanks to everyone for the seeds!

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boballi(8 Central Valley CA)

I can't wait to get my envie; I hope it arrives soon!


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boballi(8 Central Valley CA)

My envie came today, and I am overwhelmed by everyone's generosity!

I received many, Many, MANY wonderful seeds, and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you EVERYONE!

Boballi : )

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

flowers4ever,I may be wrong but I am pretty sure the opaque milk jugs work ok for wsing.I also use alot of green 2 liter bottles.Please go to wsing and ask Trudi before you chunk those milk jugs..I just know you can use those..
Just had to jump in here when I read your post...

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well everyone but lidainohio has posted that they got their seeds. this was a very fun and sucessfull swap thanks to you. I look forward to swaping with you all again.
I will be posting a christmas swap soon.
I got soooo many seeds I wanted I just finished inventory last night, and my garden is just going to be GREAT next year, I just can't wait to plant.
Thanks again

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hello sorry it took me so long to respond but my computer has been down just got it fixed. i got my package last week. it was great got a big fat envie. got alot of what i wanted and alot of things i never even thought of cant wait to get started with the winter sowing. i cant wait to see the beautiful gardens we all have next year. thanks michelle for hosting this swap it was alot of fun and i look foward to the next ones. i hope everyone had as much fun as i did with this. again sorry for the delay in posting that i got my package. have a good night lindi

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

Yay! I'm glad lindi received her seeds, too. Everyone got good stuff, it seems. Thanks again, Micyrey!

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