Breakers / Blushers Anyone?

Cdon(7a)June 15, 2012

Any of you mid-atlantic (or similar temp) gardners have any first breaking or blushing tomatoes yet?

My rule of thumb from last year was 37 days after I see my first (non-cherry) tomato, it breaks/blushes with the first hints of red. As its now 36 days from my earliest starts, im now on breaker patrol, and ive got my eye on one tomato in particular.

Its almost as if I can hear it in the garden, calling out to know you want me...ooh is that some color, or am I just teasing you...

Ive probably been out to inspect that one tomato 6 times in the last 24 hours. Neighbors must think im crazy!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I have an in ground early girl with a couple starting to get some color. I have been eating container grown better boys for 3 weeks now.

Two extremely late frosts killed almost all of my in ground tomatoes. Even though I covered them well.The early girl was one of 2 survivors.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I have a container Husky Cherry Red which is yellow-gold! Just found it yesterday, and I'm in shock.

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I have lots of red boar, green zebra and Cherokee purples breaking. My 2 year old has been eating sweet 100's for a couple weeks but now that he can't keep up I get to share in the bounty.

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I started picking my grape tomato's early last week. I've picked about 20 of my bigger tomato's so far.

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