Looking for a purple flower vine for Southern California

BrianOctober 24, 2009


I recently had done a project for one of my large hotel clients where I put in kumquat trees, morning glories, spiral junipers, and more on their terrace. But now the morning glories are not looking so well. They want a vine with purple flowers that blooms throughout the year and can handle part shade. Also this hotel is right on the beach marina. Any suggestions? Thank you!


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The Petrea volubilis (Queen's Wreath) is a pretty purple flowered vine that can handle part shade but it doesn't flower year round. I'm not sure what vine blooms year round. You could plant vines together that bloom at different times of the year.

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I really like that flower, maybe I will try that mixed in with the morning glories (if I can fit them).

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Let me know if you find it!! I am looking for that vine everywhere in San Diego without luck- thanks!

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