Need help identifying this vine (purple flowers)

ka77October 3, 2011

Hi! I'm new to GardenWeb and hope I'm posting in the right forum...

I'm trying to identify a vine that is growing in our backyard. It was planted by one of the former owners of our new home. I tried Google but couldn't find a definite answer.

Here are two pictures (you can click on them to make them bigger):

The vine has pink/purple flowers which have been blooming this entire summer. The flowers are about 1 inch in diameter. There are no tendrils. The vine has been growing in clay-ish soil, in partial shade.

I'm located in USDA zone 10.


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It's a Grewia, also called Lavender Star Flower.

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BTW it's a bush, not a vine.

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Yes, that was it! Thank you for your help!

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