Just how dry or moist should the bin Be!

hummersteveNovember 18, 2013

I for one do not have drainage from my bin but I have gotten a good bit of nice casting from my worms.

The other day I lifted my bin and noticed there was about maybe 1" of dry peat on that lid and I mean dry not moist at all yet I found at least two worms hiding in the mix maybe its just a recent thing. I wouldnt think they would want to be in that kind of dry mix.

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Im happy to say that my worms are happy , content , and doing their work constantly. both of my bins show this. Instead of seeing worms up on the lids in good numbers instead they are continually doing what I have set up the bins for them to do. So if I see an occasional worm or two on the lid , everything is still ok.

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Steve, I'm trying to picture 1" of peat on the lid. How does it accumulate that thick?

I did a harvest yesterday and I found the most eggs down in the wetter portion of the bin. Worms were throughout, to be sure, but the fattest ones were hanging out in the bottom, moister part.

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I have a lid under the bin also to catch anything which is what I was referring to.

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The only water i add to the tank for the 2 months before i change the castings is the 1/2 gallon of water to moisten the peat moss.

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I like the way You mounted that system on the wall AquaponicsDave! It is a great space saver, but must be a little messy when you add that water ;)

Worms tolerate a WIDE range of moisture levels, as long as oxygen is available. They will not stay long in dry material.

Good luck!

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Are you referring to my hydro system being mounted or the worms? Because the only water I've added to the worms was to dampen the peat. I keep my worms around 65 degrees

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I think he's referring to the fact that your picture is sideways and it looks like your bin is mounted vertically instead of sitting on top of your clothes dryer.

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