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pezzuti9(z5 PA)October 22, 2005

Sorry if I am on the wrong forum page.

My concern is this. I live in Pennsylvania zone 6 and I just ordered some Alden grape vines from a nursery located in NY State. They informed me that they are just digging them out and will be shipped bare root out to me in a short while.

Since it is the 22nd of October my concern is that it may to late to plant them outside considering the zone I live in. Would I be better off if when the plants arrive to place them in pots filled with soil in front of a southern facing window in my basement until next spring and then place them out in the garden or plant them now using mulch around them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.


NE, PA Zone 6

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Unless your ground is frozen, plant them outside now. They will arrive as bare root pruned plants, but if the ground is a little warm, they will set root this fall. I hope you didn't order a bunch of seedless grapes. It should be illegal to sell them in the East without an explanation that they need to be sprayed from July til harvest. At any rate, plant the grapes where your arbor is/will be. Pruning in the early years is important too.

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