Reminder: It's November 1

mbetts(5)November 1, 2009

That means the jack-o-lanterns in your neighborhood are just about ready for the worm bins!

Go get 'em!


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Just divided up three of them between my 4 bins. They should be happy for the next week or two!

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kelser01(z8 TX)

OMG my worms just devoured a (pretty rotten 6 lb) pumpkin in three days it was amazing!

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Argggghhhh... just came back from my walk where I saw that a neighbor down the street has put at least three large pumpkins into a trash bag for pickup tomorrow morning. They weren't even carved!! My worms would eat like kings.

My husband doesn't want me to go back for it so I might just let him go to bed first tonight. :)

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Is there such a thing as TOO MANY pumpkins?
I bought 3 when they were less than $2,- /ea and of course I picked the biggest ones. Didn't need to buy any. Yesterday I picked up 5 and today 7 and I have 12 pending. Their kids want to have a party first. Hope the pumpkins will survive that party (7).
I will freeze them good, thaw them and get rid of the liquid and refreeze whatever is food stock unless it gets so cold they can just go in the garage.
I just hope the worms won't get too spoiled after all these pumpkins and refuse their regular diet after all the pumpkins are gone, lol.

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I wish I was over there to snaffle a few pumpkins. We don't really do halloween that much here in Oz.

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Update: not quite 0500 and already have scratched off some of to-do list:

chorizo chili into crockpot -- check!
trash and recyc out to curb -- check!
steal neighbor's pumpkin-filled trash -- check!

They broke the pumpkins up a bit, at least they'll start rotting nicely for the worms. I can freeze or dehydrate any excess. What won't I do for the little guys, eh?

I'm becoming that crazy lady mom warned me to stay away from.

Marauder, wish I could toss a pumpkin your way. Halloween seems like something you Aussies would have a ball with, hope it catches on someday. :)

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