Tea bags

smdmtNovember 28, 2009

I think you've misunderstood what I'm trying to do. I would like to take the castings and put them in small "tea bags" and sell the tea bags at the Farmers Market. They could then be used by the buyer to make a tea extract.

So any one have any ideas/ thoughts on this venture?

When make AACT I use a painters bag and it works great!

Thanks, SMDMT

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leearnold(z5 In.)

Go to your local Walmart. In the area where they have the "wedding" items, they have little mesh bags that are for wedding candy. They would make great bags for this. But they're not cheap! Otherwise, invest in a sewing machine and some polyester fabric and sew your own.

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momovtwo(8 Central TX)

A much cheaper place for the mesh (muslin) bags is San Francisco Herb Company. They also have two sizes of sealable tea bags. You can get 50 bags for only a few dollars.

Personally I think the idea is great!

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You can get tea bags from Ricthter.com

Plus, you may not sell a lot of those tea bags because people may think it a waste of their money. I think it is a waste of money to buy a 0.1-0.3 ounce of worm castings that would probably be more expensive than from a commercial website store.

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Three years later, did this work out for you? Are you selling castings? What sort of packaging are you using?

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