Correct food placement

hummersteveNovember 10, 2013

Of course Im referring to nitrogen food as opposed to carbon. The only thing I have to go by is putting food in a corner as shown by countless youtube vids. But is that correct? Or should food be more spread out more evenly over the bin and what advantage would that give?

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putting food on one side of a bin only is a good idea because it allows the worms to get away from it if they need too. Some worms are picky about what they eat. If they have nowhere to escape they will try to get out of the bin.

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The worms really aren't that picky. I quickly gave up pocket feeding when I couldn't remember where the last pocket was. After that I only pocket fed when I was trying out a new type of food that might be questionable. I preferred to spread the food over the top of the bin, and like greenthumbzdude, I usually only covered half of the bin, in case the food heated up. I might still bury something, like a whole head of lettuce, if I did not want to mush it up first. Any way you do it, the worms will still be happy.

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To clarify, I would pull the top layer of undecomposed bedding over to one side, feed the other side, replace the bedding to cover the food, then add more bedding on top of the whole thing.

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I have read the archives back 10 years and do not recall this exact question ever being asked before other than 5 hours right before you posted this nearly identical question.

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