First Legend Tomato

ABlindHog(8a Tx Hill Country)June 21, 2014

Picked my first Legend tomatoes a couple of days ago and they were not what I was expecting. Based on what I heard from you all, and from the information I was able to find, I expected determinate plants, early 8-10 oz fruit with unexceptional but balanced sweet and acid flavor and very few seeds. What I got was 80 day, 5-6 oz fruit that was sweet with almost no acidity. They contain at least an average amount of seeds and maybe more than average. About the only thing that was as expected was the determinate plants. I suspect a seed mix up but wanted to hear if anyone else had these results.

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The first tomatoes don't always taste right, so I would wait until the next few show up to judge them. I have read somewhere that say Legend is a semi-determinate. I was thinking of growing Legend next year so let us know what you think of them later on. Thank you.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I am growing several Legends, for the first time this season. No fruits yet but I know they are DET, for sure.
I will report on the fruits when I get some.
OSU site has a full description on Legend. Its important characteristic is that it can set fruit both in cold weather and hot weather. Fruit size can definitely can vary and taste is more of a subjective thing. But nobody can say a sweet tomato is sour.

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