Is Using Volcanic Rock Powder a Good Idea?

happy_fl_gardenerNovember 30, 2009

Last July I bought a Can-O-Worms system to raise some redworms from a friend's daughter. She also sold me a bag of volcanic rock powder that is loaded with trace minerals. In small quantities it is quite expensive. What rock powders are best for the redworms? Where can I get this in bulk cheaper?

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Have not heard of using this powder, crushed rock, etc. for a worm bin. Some grit in the bedding can aid digestion but most advice has been to throw in a handful of soil from the garden to do this. The lava rock may do this but you don't need a lot for this purpose.

The trace minerals would be good in terms of adding them to the compost for benefit of the plants your going to use it for. Might be better to add this to the plants you're targeting rather than to the worm bin itself. Not all soils are deficient in certain trace elements and not all plants require the same ones.

The main benefit I can think of for adding this or others rock dusts and powders to a worm bin may be for PH balancing but I think you'll find that many have maintained successful worm bins without this.

Probably can't harm the worm bin unless in large quantities but the expense of it means it may be better used on the plants that benefit from the trace elements.

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Volcanic rock powder? So thas how ya make money with dem wurms.
All I need now is a volcano!
Have fun with them worms!

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I live in Central Florida and I don't have soil, just powdery sand. Do you think that sand would be enough grit? Someone suggested that I buy a bag of pea stones for grit for my chickens so they can pick out the little ones. Maybe that would be a cheaper alternative to the expensive rock powder. What do you think, anyone?

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I'd go with the powdery sand, especially if you can just pick up a handful from the ground. There is no sense in paying for something when you have a perfectly good alternative for free. As for the chicken grit, just keep in mind that worms are a lot smaller than chickens.

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