Hot, dry climate vines

fattboaNovember 30, 2013

Hello, a beginner gardener here. Only had previous experience in a planted aquarium
I am looking for vines that can tolerate hot, dry weather during summer which lasts for 7-8 months. During summer there is no rain, 120-130F everyday during daytime and 100F+ during night. I am not sure about soil temperature but I think it can be managed. During winters it may reach a low of 38-40 F but thats only for a day or two out of the year. Very mild winters

I am planning to plant them into the ground in a full sun location that gets partial shade from morning to roughly 12 pm. I purchased 3 vines since no amount of prior research will allow correct identification since names are arbitrary over here. I have aimed to purchase star jasmine but nobody knew what it was.
The very kind and generous members of this forum identified the 3 vines as a type of climbing Jasmine, Clerodendrum speciosum and Urechites lutea. They are already pretty established, albeit in a very small pot and Im planning to plant them some time soon since it is winter and give them some time to establish themselves
Would these able to handle the sun? Any idea as to soil preference? I have read that they prefer well-draining soil. The "soil" here is just sand with a large amount of calcium carbonate. Conocarpus erectus grows very well here (mix of ace hardware topsoil, compost and oil dri - 3-4 inches of depth).
How much space to leave in between each during planting?
Sorry for asking too many questions, I appreciate your help

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I wish I could help, but I am not familiar with the species you are attempting to grow. There are some fat root species of morning glory you might try out that are native to parts of Africa, such as Ipomoea albivenia. Do you have native vine flora in Kuwait?


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