What MG"S will YOU be growing this season?

dena_eft(7)November 26, 2012

My favorite thing, is with coffee cup in hand, experience a new MG bloom early in the morning. So I will be growing many different kinds. Of course one is Heavenly Blue. What are your favorites you will grow this year? :) Arum

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I just want moonflowers wherever I have a spot for MG's, they glow in the dark.

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Yep, this year I think I'm going to grow every MG I have. Oh my goodness, how many that will be!!! :)

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I will try some mutant Japanese morning glory variety to see how how challenging it is to grow. Of course there are others but I haven't figured them out yet.

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purpleinopp, Mooonvines on my porch attract the hummingbirds, excuse me if that's a repeat)This year I saved a lot of seeds, even though they don't grow as luscious for me as they do for some.

Joseph, you are famous for growing the rare ones, whereas I try to grow the ones that that jump out of the ground and make a generous display, However I remember one, the name was something like"Hein no Umi, it was a very large flower, but I got only a couple of flowers, and the leaves were bothered by some kind of spotting. The seeds are still some where in my stash. Hummmmmm. Maybe I'll give them a try again. :)Arum

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I like to grow new ones out, for sure, which are challenging to grow.

I know one that is Akatsuki no umi, deep blue with white tube, variegated leaf, is that what you're making reference to? There is a Heian series of varieties...I am not familiar with the names and have to refer to the back of the seed packs to remember the names. What flower color was Heian no Umi?

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Well, I received the Akatsuki no umi from you, what a gorgeous MG it is! No I wasn't particularly referring to that one, just that you seem to like uncommon varieties. Maybe not. :) The Hein no umi was a big maulvish purple bloom,(from what I remember). The leaves were nasty as I said, and it grew really s-l-o-w. :)

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I will be sowing split personality, flying saucer's mix, Scarlett O'hara, candy pink, baby blue, & President Tyler. I having trouble with the picotee series. This will be my 3rd year growing them, which are your favorites?

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I have yet to grow Flying Saucers, and must do so sooner than later.

That's an awesome MG photo, ladyrose65, I admire the indented margin of the flower. You don't often see that. Is this one of Split Personality that did not split up completely?

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It's split personality. At least that what the package says. This is my best MG shot of the season.

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That's a pretty Ipomoea tricolor flower, all white with the yellow tube, be still my beating heart. Was there a variety name associated with it?

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Hello Gerri, I believe this sprouted from the "Burpee's Best Mix". I know it's not Moon Vine, because I decided I did not care for them the previous season. This definitely come from one of my mix packets.

Gerri, which is your favorite, and how did you come into MG's. It started with me from WS'ing. The colors are so vibrant, they won me over instantly.

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Did you save seeds from the white MG with yellow tube?

I became infected with this plant group back probably in 2003 or so, when I saw all the awesome Japanese MGs being offered on eBay. Most likely they were being sold by Emma, hahaha. I think Emma has single-handedly MG addiction syndrome more than anybody. May there never be a cure.

I like the reverse tube mutant Japanese morning glory varieties. I will be trying to grow other mutants this summer as well as other gene selection projects.

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No Gerri, I did not save the seeds. I got lots of packets to go thru, so I decided not to save any. Though the "Grandmpa Ott" will definitely seed over this winter. I will check out Ebay for the MG's. Thanks.

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I grew these chocolate morning glories this past summer. They were beautiful and a nice change from the usual colors!

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mindysue, those are lovely, I have the ones with a white rim on the outside, I call them chocolate and vanilla. I have a lot of different MG's, and have a tendency to give them my own names. :) Arum

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It looked like a healthy plant, Mindysue, and what an excellent photograph too.

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Mindysue, those are pretty!

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Gerri, I found the empty package, the white MG's are Pearly Gates.

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ladyrose65, thank you for the identity of the MG, very much! I must look in my seed stash for seeds that I might have traded for back in my seed trading phase of my life. It is a knockout MG, isn't it?

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I like it much better than Moonvine, it was too aggressive for me. Gerri2, I've been putting my MG seeds in plastic bags, I noticed the difference in seed size and color. Does these characteristics give you a clue what your cross will be? Ex. The Candy Pink MG's are large, beige colored seeds, whereas the Split Personality is very small and dark.

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ladyrose65 - The seed characteristics are important to help in ascertaining the botanical identity of of Family , Genus , species and even cultivar

The seeds are usually a better indicator of Family , Genus and species than cultivar (in general) but some cultivars reliably produce seeds having characteristics that occur with a high enough frequency that they can factor in substantially to help ascertain the identity of certain crosses.

The Candy Pink is an Ipomoea nil that happens to have light seeds , although most Ipomoea nil has darker seeds.

The Split Personality is Ipomoea purpurea with dark seeds , although there are many varieties of I,purpurea with light seeds.

Ipomoea species (with very rare exception) will only cross fertilize with other plants within the same species...so, Ipomoea purpurea will cross with other Ipomoea purpurea and Ipomoea nil will cross with other Ipomoea nil...

The seed color is often a reflection of what color the flower will be , but not always...

So, there are certain generalities regarding the seed color and the resultant plants produced but there are also plenty of exceptions...

Hope that is of some help...



P.S. - Did you know that Gerris walks on water (!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Gerris - Water Strider

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Too funny, Ron. Now the feline is out of the bag hahaha.

You had great questions, ladyrose65 which Ron answered ever so much better than I could have.

Seeds are way cool to look at under magnification. The seed coat on the fury hairy seeds are as if you are in another world when viewing under magnification.

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Thank You Ron.

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