Clitoria Vine Seed Pods, Ripe When?

floridabear(10b)November 1, 2007

Turns out I have missed about 2 dozen 'Double White Clitoria' flowers on all the vines I planted. I thought they hadn't bloomed all summer. Yesterday i looked at them and the vines are covered in long seed pods. All green. None brown and ripe. How long does it take to get these to ripen? I now see all the flower buds on the vines, and I saw 1 flower!! After all spring/summer, it has been blooming and putting out seed pods,and I missed every one of them. I picked one and the seeds are big and green now. I know they need to be tiny and black, and the pod dried up to be ripe. But when it dries up,it twists and 'throws' its seeds out to reseed itself, into my lawn!

SO, before it does that. Do I shake the pods and see if the seeds are detached? Or when they turn brown just pick them? Just make sure the seeds are hard? Or is there a trick to picking them at the right time?

I managed to miss the flowers, the seeds cost me a fortune for 5 seeds,now I will have A LOT of seed and I can sell them on EBay and make the money. IF I can catch them before they end up in the grass and are gone.

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I'm assuming that you are referring to Clitoria ternatea.

1. Seed maturation will depend on local conditions.

2. Daily observation of an individual pod will give you information on the time of shattering i.e. as to when it "throws' its seeds out to reseed itself", note this time data.

3. Use the data to determine the last point before shattering and utilize to collect the individual pods.

3. Optimum harvesting will require frequent observations, note: in practise this means daily inspection - as the pods will not mature simultaneously.

4. Observation is the key!

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Yes I mean the ternatea. The double white one. I figured I would have to watch them,but do they rattle when ripe? I mean do the seeds detach from the pod when ripe, before they throw themselves all over the place? Or do they get ripe and still hold on inside till just before they twist and 'blow up'?!

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The seeds are attached within the pod (technically referred to as a simple carpel) by attachments known as placentae.
These don't usually break until the pod splits and throws out the seed i.e. the pod dehisces.
It should be O.K. to gather the pods when they are brown and dry.

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