Wisteria floribunda rosea

spider_lily(8)November 24, 2010

Looking for Wisteria floribunda rosea seed.It's a beautiful pink wisteria..

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Spider lily,
Don't plant by seed, wisteria will take at least 10 years to bloom from seed.
Go to your local nursery, a real nursery, and see if they have one in bloom to buy.
They might have one.
If they don't, ask them to order one for you in bloom.
Don't order one online, because you don't know when that one will bloom either.
I ordered a Blue Moon from a reputable online retailer and it has yet to bloom and that was 3 years ago.
You want to SEE the blooms on the vine and Then you buy it.
The wisteria tree that I bought in bloom, at the nursery, blooms all summer off and on.
They are not expensive.

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