Preparing honeysuckle for winter

reinholdtNovember 12, 2009

I planted one this spring, but am not sure what type of winter preparation (if any) it needs.

The vine is about 8-ft long now and still has leaves on it. Should I cut the vine to the ground and cover it with mulch or just leave it alone?

Thanks for your feedback.

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When I lived in zone 5, I grew several species of Lonicera. I didn't do anything to prepare them for winter - they were hardy. Which one do you have? When in doubt, it does no harm to mulch a plant.

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Kay, I believe I have the Mandarin.

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I'm in 7a and have 2 varieties of Lonicera. Unfortunately I don't remember the names. One is red and is native to this area and the other is red/yellow. I don't do anything besides cut them back in the fall.

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