Salt Damage ????

greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)June 26, 2008

I have a sweet 100 in a 5 gallon pot, with well finished compost mixed with a small amount of soil from my garden. This is my standard growing medium for veggies in pots and they have always done well so I figured I was doing something right.

The bottom leaves of this particular plant are turning bright yellow. I looked it up in the tomato problem solvers pictoral guide, and the leaves look exactly like what they have for salt damage. I just don't see how it could be salt damage, given that it is has not been fertilized, and has had only rainwater for water.

Do I perhaps need to add some fertilizer? It is the bottom quarter of the plant, the leaves are bright yellow, but otheriwse healthy, no curling or wilt.

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wvtomatoman(z6 WV)

Do you have a water conditioner? How old is the plant?

BTW, tomatoes are fairly salt tolerant. Lots of things could cause yellowing leaves.

Good luck.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

It was said: "Lots of things could cause yellowing leaves. "

That includes too little nitrogen.

Can you post pictures?

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jbann23(6 RI)

Time to fertilize and add a tablespoon of Epsom salts. That plant is hungry.

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Without a picture and judging totally from your description of the plant, I must agree with J-Bann and say that a vigorous cherry tomato in a 5-gallon bucket needs some fertilizer and Epsom salts. Use a liquid application of a product that includes micronutrients especially including calcium.

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greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)

Thanks guys, I will hit it with some fertilizer and Epsom salts. If it persists, will try and get a pic.

I have not watered it with any water softened water. We have had so much rain, even things in pots have not needed additional water. You may have heard about our wet spring we had here in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area lol. Maybe nutrients have leached out with all the rain?


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I hope you and your family are safe and have not suffered great losses due to the flooding. I'm sure some folks you know have endured horrible losses, and I truly feel badly for them. Even here in Indiana we have lost a million acres of corn and soybeans due to the floods ... and I know Iowa is much worse off. Sorry for all the hardships your state has suffered this year.


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