Wood Fence and Vine Planting

dbruhnNovember 5, 2007

I've seen a number of posts about the downside of planting Boston Ivy against a wood fence due to wood rot. We have a 50ft fence with a northern exposure (zone 5) that we'd like to grown vines on and I'm wondering how much life the fence will lose by us growning Boston Ivy up it? If we lose a year or so I'm not concerned but if the fence falls down in three years then it's an issue. Do I have other options that wouldn't hurt the wood? Also, the nursery told us it's not too late to plant vines now and in fact it's better to plant now so the roots can take hold during the winter. Everything is 50% off so it will save us money. Is this correct?



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There are so many vines that you can plant on a wood fence that would truly look beautiful, that I would not plant Ivy on my wooden fence at all.
Ivy sucks the moisture out of anything it grows on.
If ivy grows up the side of a brick building, it will literally suck the moisture of the mortar that was used to brick the building together.
Fifty foot of wood fence to replace is expensive.
If you want a fast growing vine, just research online any fast growing vine for your zone. Even a native honeysuckle would be nice, you could buy 3 of them to fill out the fence nicely by the end of next summer.
You would need trellis, or even the invisible net trellis, which is inexpensive and easy to put up. (it looks cool too when the vines grow up it)
Brushwood which is a sponser on this website has a nice selection of native honeysuckle and their vines are healthy, I have ordered from them before.
If you really want an ivy, and you aren't concerned about the damage on a wood fence, then all means plant it.
It will definately provide the green look that you want in a short time period.
Good Luck!

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jamie_rrt(z7 L.I. ny)

the problem with ivy is it takes forever to grow. by the time it covers it its time to replace. i have stockade fence and i covered it in new dawn roses, kiwi vines, and honeysuckle,and i use climbing annuals in places that are bare. morning glory, hyacinth bean, black eyed susan vine are all rapid growers

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