How to save flowering vine pea pods/seeds for next year.

Panoply76(8)November 9, 2012

In the early Spring I was bought some flowering vine Seeds for next to nothing as they were on sale. I planted them in a starter tray w/o much expectations of success. In fact, only one seed sprouted. I planted it in a good spot, still not expecting much. It is now an enormous vine with beautiful blue/purple flowers and deep purple pea/seed pods. I do not remember the name of this vine. What I'd like to know is how to save the seeds from it. When to get them, how to get them, how to store them, when to plant them next year, how to plant them next year. ANYTHING Y'ALL HAVE! I've got bigger things in mind for this beautiful vine next year!

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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Let the pods dry, then pick the beans. Oh, - then send me some. :)Arum

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Oh, put them in a PAPER bag, not plastic. Come spring, plant full sun when all danger of frost is past. I wonder if it's Hyacinth Bean vine. I have some awsome MG"s for trade if it's another vine. :) arum

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Could you post a picture of your vine? If you have some vine I don't have, I'd like to trade for seeds! You can also email a picture via 'my page'.

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Agh! I wished you'd asked for a photo a even week ago. Much of the flowers are gone. I'll get a hold of my sister and take some shots as soon as I can. There are a million seed pods. Put them as is into a paper bag? Then do what with the paper pag? Keep it indoors? In an unheated outbuilding? Outside but shielded from rain?
Thank you so much guys. If it's something uncommon y'all may have as many pods as you'd like.

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I truly don't understand it. I took a dozen. On my way out to bring my sister her camera back, I snnapped one more. That seems to be the only one I can find! On this disc are 588 pics of my sister's vacation. I found this at the tail end, as expected. But there were no more! If this does no good, please tell me and I'll try again! That's it, though. It runs around the corner of the wall you see for about the same length. Most of the flowers are gone, a fairly recent development. There are still loads of pea pods. The flowers made it taller, they sort of shot up vertically about another 18" Did they turn into the pea pods?

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Those are 2 azalea bushes underneath all that! Would you also clear up what to do with the pea pods once they're in a paper bag, Dena?

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Panoply, your vine is Hyacinth Bean Vine. I've grown it for over 20 years. It is truly a beautiful vine. You can read all about it by putting it in to a search engine. Search on the vine and see if any of the pods are dried out and papery. Pull them off the vine and take the little black beans with a white strip out of the pod. Put the beans in a dry paper bag,(never in plastic, or glass) or they will mold and ruin.. You can also save the pods that are not dry by cutting off long pieces with lots of pods and hanging them upside down in your kitchen. You will have many beans in the spring for a new vine. Grow full sun, wait till the ground is warm,trellis. :) Arum

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Thanks a TON! I'll do that. I've got in mind attempting to line my hurricane fencing with it, as it is so very pretty, even when not in bloom.

Mildly disappointed it wasn't some rare and exotic vine, potentially to bear my name! The rare and lovely _____ jeremy! heheh Still love it!

Thanks to EVERYONE who responded, especially Dena Eft

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