anyone know how to save cup and saucer seeds

filixNovember 14, 2007

Hello fellow viner's. I have several green pods about the size of a small chicken egg. I cut one open and there were seeds. They were green. I read somewhere that the seed pods have to turn brown. But these are very green. And if I waited for them to brown on the plant, they would freeze solid first, as we are starting to get cold nights. Can I cut them off and dry them inside? Or take those green seeds out and dry them? Thanks filix

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No one knows? :(

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stephanotis_1(8b AZ)

Not specifically for cup and saucer seeds, but I have been on a rampage collecting seeds from purslane and Madagascar periwinkle, almost of them were green and terribly unripe. The best way to do it is just remove the entire pod from the plant and put it in a paper bag, then store in a dry place. the pods will ripen on their own and burst open in the bag. When they are done, just separate the chaff from the seeds, and save them for next season. This has worked for all types of seeds for me, as long as they are given a chance to dry and ripen.

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Thanks stephanotis! :)

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